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The Copper House

The Copper House

With the exception of the products we sell, we rarely endorse another companies products, but I want to tell you about a little company that is based out of Epsom, New Hampshire called The Copper House.  The Copper house has been in business over 37 years and specializes in handmade Copper and Brass lighting fixtures.   

Many, many years ago, my wife and I purchased our second home.  A larger home of course because like most families we continued to grow and eventually run out of living space.  As it happened, we were able to find a beautiful colonial home.  One of the first things I wanted to do was to change the existing outdoor light fixtures with a high quality American made product that was appropriate for the style of the house.  It is almost impossible to find such an item on Long Island.    

Over the years I have purchased many of their products for both myself, my children’s homes and as gifts for others.  The quality of these hand made American lamps is simply the best and when you consider it will provide a lifetime of pleasure, the price provides huge value.  Please click the link above to view their fantastic products.  Should you contact The Copper House, please tell Tom that you found them through the Airweld website.   

John Zak, 
CEO Airweld Inc.

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1. Rich Mansmann | February 11, 2014 at 11:42 AM EST

The Copper House: Great referral, guys. we're in a similar situation, upgrading a colonial home and looking for quality, US-made light fixtures. Looks like just what we've been looking for!

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